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When it comes to battling the epidemic of addiction in America, the importance of addiction aftercare treatment programs cannot be overstated. The process of recovery is immensely complex, and it extends far beyond the initial stages of detoxification and inpatient treatment.

In fact, some of the greatest challenges associated with recovery will present themselves after the individual has checked out of the recovery center, making addiction aftercare treatment an essential element of the overall recovery. Without a comprehensive addiction aftercare plan, the individual will be left to face the vicissitudes of life without the support that is necessary to sustain the focus and direction required to successfully overcome their addiction.

When a person is consistently participating in an addiction aftercare program, they don’t have to face the challenges that are associated with an open, uncontrolled environment on their own. Prepare yourself and reach for a successful recovery by planning for your future. Call Drug Treatment Centers Waterbury now for addiction aftercare planning: (203) 528-0018.

The Importance of Addiction Aftercare

When a person has fought their way through the initial stages of recovery, especially the detoxification process, it can be easy to become overconfident when evaluating their future and the challenges that come along with it. Not to rob these individuals of the pride that should be assigned to effectively pushing through the first stage of recovery, it is definitely noteworthy, but there is much more work to be done on this journey.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 50 percent of the people who successfully complete the initial stage of recovery in a residential treatment center eventually relapse, with the majority of them doing so in the first 60 days after checking out of the treatment center. Actually, studies reveal that the first five years are still considered high risk. If the person is able to make it to five years, their chance of achieving complete recovery increases exponentially.

The reason that the failure rate is so high after checking out of the facility is that the person has stepped out from underneath the protection of a structured and closed environment to an open environment in which there is far less control. Without a program that can provide the support and guidance necessary to move forward, the person can easily become overwhelmed, and they will end up crumbling under the pressure, with the final result being relapse.

How an Addiction Aftercare Program Works

There are several elements associated with a good aftercare program. The first is the development of coping skills that will help the individual engage the struggles and challenges that are an inevitable part of life. The lack of effective coping skills is at the top of the list of causes for relapse after the initial treatment phase.

Another important element of an addiction aftercare program is the accountability that is created by the mechanisms that are put in place by the program. Whether the person is meeting face-to-face with a personal counselor or participating in group therapy, the sense of accountability helps to tighten the reins on how they manage their thought patterns and behaviors.

At the same time, the support that is needed to help the person identify erroneous thoughts and behavior that are conducive to relapse is essential in providing the person with the best opportunity to complete their journey to recovery.

The presence of the intervention mechanisms that are a vital part of any aftercare program ensures that any negative behavior or negative activity is immediately confronted, forcing the individual to face their behavior and make the necessary adjustments to replace poor habits with more productive habits.

For the person that is committed to achieving a full and complete recovery, a drug addiction rehab aftercare program is an element of their recovery that is deserving of a substantial amount of attention. Call Drug Treatment Centers Waterbury addiction specialists today and begin treatment tomorrow. (203) 528-0018

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