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Substance Abuse Treatment

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The main goal in drug abuse prevention is to ensure that a patient not only achieves sobriety, but that their sobriety is life-long.

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Addiction Rehab

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Drug and alcohol rehab can help people with even the most severe cases of addiction overcome the disease.

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Drug Treatment Centers Waterbury (203) 528-0018

Drug Treatment Centers Waterbury seeks to help individuals who have a destructive substance abuse problem they can’t control. The individual must first be motivated to change and seek professional help. Rehab facilities such as drug treatment centers Waterbury helps those in recovery evaluate all that contributes to their addiction. Recovery may involve changing your mindset, and creating a new life based on principles that encourage long-term sobriety.

Drug Treatment Centers Waterbury offers therapeutic programs that help patients understand the deep connections between the psychological, emotional and physical aspects of chemical dependency. Addiction recovery can teach the individual relapse prevention strategies to prevent falling back into habits of using these addictive substances.

Psychotherapy offered at Drug Treatment Centers Waterbury helps with cognitive techniques that help individuals in recovery with ways to change habitual thinking patterns. Patients learn new behavioral techniques which may include the use of lifestyle adjustments to encourage healthy coping techniques that promote a stable way of life.

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Treating the Addiction

Drug addiction can be a relapsing brain disease that may lead to compulsive drug seeking. Addictive substances can affect brain functioning, personality, values, and judgment. Despite the harmful consequences these substances can produce, the individual will continue to use them and live with a significant denial about their situation preferring to generate excuses about it.

Like many other chronic diseases, addiction may require treatment at a rehab facility in order to maintain sobriety and go through a safe withdrawal. These rehabilitation centers have recovery programs that combine medical assistance, behavior changes, and social support to help the individual make a self-sustaining sobriety. Discover which programs may be beneficial to assist you at (203) 528-0018.

About Waterbury, CT

Waterbury is a city in New Haven County, Connecticut. Due to its rich history, the city enjoys several noteworthy historic places such as St. Joseph’s Church, The first Unico Club, and the Waterbury Clock Company. One of the first full-length sound motion pictures was made in Waterbury in the 1920s. W1XBS was a pioneer radio station that began experimental high fidelity broadcasting. Top employers in the area include Waterbury Hospital, State of Connecticut, City of Waterbury, St. Mary’s Hospital, and AT&T Inc. Waterbury also has several notable landmarks which make the town an interesting place to visit.

One of the most popular drugs in the state of Connecticut is heroin. This drug has become a threat mainly in the suburban and urban areas. Cocaine has also become the drug of choice in the last years. Crack cocaine is preferred over powder cocaine. Methamphetamine abuse is not as widespread in the state. Club drugs such as MDMA/ecstasy are readily available and abused throughout Connecticut. Marijuana also remains a popular drug which can be easily found in all areas of the state.

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